Lacework Launches Its Anomaly Detection Service On AWS

Lacework Polygraph Prevents Bitcoin Mining on AWS

Zero-touch. Lacework has brought their anomaly detection service to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, by announcing that Lacework Polygraph is now integrated with AWS CloudTrail.

CloudTrail being the management service that Amazon provides for its cloud platform to monitor, log and retain every AWS account activity.

Lacework is known for the industry’s first zero-touch cloud security solution that now allows teams to make sense of the CloudTrail data, while deepening visibility and insights into AWS account activities, and getting automatic notifications when account anomalies surface.

This latest launch extends the company’s zero-touch security approach to protect AWS accounts.

Vikram Kapoor, Co-Founder and CTO, Lacework:

“Organizations have been plagued by the risk of misconfiguration in AWS deployments. We are proud to augment CloudTrail capabilities with automated detection of unusual events, potential misconfiguration, breaches, or insider threats, eliminating the need for manual analysis of logs. Our proprietary machine learning techniques aggregate and organize CloudTrail data into intuitive maps and dashboards. Alerts are automatically triggered when usage of an organization’s AWS account by users deviates from the baseline of normal behavior.”

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail is available right now on the AWS Marketplace, and includes up to 10,000 free events per hour.

The company also offers a free 14-day trial of Polygraph in your own environment that will provide you with a complete overview of all accounts and entities in your cloud, along with their normal and abnormal behaviors.

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