GuardiCore Brings Centra Security Platform On AWS Marketplace

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GuardiCore, a leading provider of internal datacenter and cloud security, has announced the availability of its Centra Security Platform on the AWS Marketplace.

This award-winning security solution is now available for users of the Amazon cloud via a flexible model, which the company calls Security as a Service (SECaaS) on a pay per hour basis. And they will find it integrated as part of their AWS bill.

The Centra Security Platform includes native support for hybrid cloud environments, based on any infrastructure.

In the words of Pavel Gurvich, GuardiCore co-found and CEO:

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to deploy a solution for securing cloud environments. By making Centra Security Platform available on AWS Marketplace, we now gain a powerful distribution channel that allows enterprises to gain the precise amount of security they need, all as part of a single, integrated bill.”

This single and scalable security solution helps customers protect their critical workloads and applications through visibility, segmentation, and breach detection, and also includes response solution that they can integrate to their cloud workloads.

It makes use of multiple detection models, including patented dynamic deception to reduce dwell time and block latera movements.

And automatic incident analysis provides security teams with real-time information and intelligence about attack methods, which they can use to quickly prioritize their response actions straight away, a process that can often take days when using traditional tools and techniques.

Interested in what GuardiCore brings to the table? You can find out the complete details here.