CloudPassage Halo Lands On AWS Marketplace

Security Lock

Another day, another arrival. CloudPassage has announced the availability of its award-winning security automation platform that goes by the name of Halo, on the AWS Marketplace.

Customers can now easily subscribe to the Halo Server Secure on the cloud repository, and purchase it as part of the new AWS Enterprise Connect program — it will simply appear as a line item on their Amazon Web Services bill.

CloudPassage is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, having achieved AWS Security Competency status in 2016.

In designing Halo, the company has made sure that its solution fully integrates with and leverages the AWS cloud environment, and deliver single agent and single console security for hosts, workloads, and containers at speed and scale.

CloudPassage Logo

John Janetos, director, business development, CloudPassage:

“Now AWS Marketplace customers can buy and deploy Halo Server Secure for high-performance cloud workload security in a highly predictable and cost effective way – via a single integrated AWS bill. As global enterprises rapidly embrace the cloud for mission-critical workloads and DevOps for application development, automated security that can operate at speed and scale is becoming a critical path. The AWS Marketplace helps eliminate protracted negotiations to make it easy for our customers to securely embrace the cloud.”

In addition to this, Halo Container Secure will soon be available in the AWS Marketplace, and will deliver security, visibility, and control for Docker containers.

Pricing for CloudPassage Halo is set at $40 per agent per month, with a minimum bundle of 25 agents, or $1,000 per month. Annual payment results in a discounted price of $10,000.

You can find out the complete details on pricing tiers and purchasing options here.