Lacework Can Now Identify Leaky S3 Buckets

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Lacework has announced new features for its automated cloud security platform that enable AWS users to continuously maintain configurations that are compliant with proven security best practices.

The service now automatically reports configuration adherence to the Center for Internet Security Benchmark for AWS.

One new feature of particular interest to S3 users is a selection of security controls targeted specifically at the buckets. It enables users to identify storage buckets that are compromised or at risk due to misconfiguration.

A timely addition, considering all the high-profile leaks that have taken place this year.

This it does by a target auditing of S3 configurations to make sure that all S3 buckets are configured for best practices for logging, encryption, and versioning. Continuous monitoring with AWS CloudTrail events and workload activity analysis is also provided.

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Dan Hubbard, Chief Security Architect, Lacework:

“Deploying new initiatives to the public cloud brings a spectrum of new security challenges that many organizations are not yet familiar with. Starting with the daily validation of the AWS configuration (AWS accounts and AWS resources such as S3 buckets), to the continuous monitoring of workloads deployed on AWS, the Lacework cloud security platform enables organizations to safely migrate data to AWS and deploy applications in AWS.”

In addition to that, Lacework also includes a range of new features.

Including an interactive report that assesses compliance to the 52 controls specified in CIS Benchmark for AWS. These controls cover everything from the validation that multifactor authentication is enabled for all users to the validation that CloudTrail is enabled.

Customers also get the ability to click on each control to access details on the scope of the violation.

Changes to any of the above controls that result in noncompliance will generate an alert with context to take immediate action.

You can take all these new features for a spin using the free 14-day trial for Lacework available here.