AWS Support Added To Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Networks, an AWS Advanced Technology partner and developer of firewall solutions on the Amazon cloud platform has expanded support for its Barracuda Backup solution on AWS.

This replication support allows customers the ability to replicate from an on-premises physical or virtual backup appliance directly to AWS.

Up until now, businesses had to send their data to Barracuda Cloud or another backup appliance.

Intronis MSP Edition does not require users to deploy compute resources in AWS to enable the replication process. Furthermore, no expert knowledge is necessary, and anyone with command of basic installation, replication and restore configuration will be able to use the solution.

Rod Mathews, senior vice president and general manager, data protection solutions at Barracuda:

“Efficient data protection, in the cloud or on-premises, includes a strategy to rapidly recover data in the event of data loss or disaster, as well as the many security practices involved in preventing unauthorized access. The new release gives customers and resellers adopting public cloud the flexibility to replicate data to AWS with the same simplicity — providing a choice of deployment options with the ability to maintain ownership and control of cloud data.”

Barracuda Backup is an end-to-end solution that allows users to replicate to their own AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket, with the option of choosing where the data resides. It also gives them complete control over their replicated backup data.

The solution is available to customers, resellers, as well as, MSPs.

You can check them out on their official website.