Ionic And AWS Announce A Mobile Backend Starter Project

On GitHub. Ionic and AWS have teamed up on a starter mobile app that they are hosting on GitHub, called Ionic AWS Starter that aims to help developers with getting their cloud services up and running.

Ionic is famous for its open source framework and associated development tools that can be used to create native mobile apps with one codebase based on web technologies like AngularJS, Apache Cordova and JavaScript and CSS.

The app basically lets developers import a ready to go AWS Mobile Hub projects that provides backend functionalities like storage, databases, security, user management and more.

This functionality consists of support for Amazon DynamoDB for the database, Amazon S3 for the storage, Amazon Pinpoint for user engagement and analytics, and Amazon Cognito for user signup and authentication.

The company announced the launch in a blog post, noting how challenging it is for developers who do not know where to turn to after generating and building out the first bits of their Ionic apps.

AWS also put up its own blog post, revealing how this starter project helps developers:

“Developers import the Mobile Hub project in their AWS console, with a drag-and-drop interface, and all of the back-end services will automatically be instantiated and provisioned. The cloned project will reproduce the original with a freshly provisioned set of AWS resources. A configuration file for the Ionic application to consume is automatically created for either deployment to device or in a Mobile Web scenario.

With the ability to capture and redeploy a stable, known backend, potential for errors and the scope of any debugging/testing are substantially reduced. Ionic developers can focus on the sample application mobile front-end.”

The AWS Mobile Team helped Ionic build this impressive little solution, and although the readme file of the project contains guidance centered on iOS, Ionic makes it clear that its development tool can create native mobile apps for all major platforms.

You can take a look at Ionic AWS Starter on GitHub.