Go, .NET Support Come To AWS Lambda

Cloud Connections

Go, go, go! Amazon has rolled out support for functions written in Go for its Lambda serverless platform, bringing into the mix the increasingly popular programming language.

Which was originally developed by Google, and also goes by Golang.

Pun always intended.

The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, as the cloud giant had already confirmed that Go support was coming last year. The re:Invent conference provided us with the official confirmation, though it is only now that the developers can write Go functions and run them on Lambda.

Go Gopher

Now, while language support may not be everything when it comes to serverless platforms, particularly at this fledgeling a state, it’s best to have all bases covered this early in the serverless game.

And Amazon apparently has this line of thinking too.

.NET Core

By the same flip of the coin, Amazon has also added in .NET Core support. Developers can use any of its libraries or frameworks when writing functions for AWS Lambda simply by downloading and using the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio 2017.

This new development means that Lambda now supports Go, JavaScript, Node.js, Java, C#, and Python, as well as .NET Core.

In contrast, the serverless competitor that Google has up against Lambda, although still in beta, currently only supports Node.js. Azure Functions, meanwhile, plays nicely with C#, JavaScript, F#, and Java.

Though it also has experimental support for Python, PHP, TypeScript, Batch, Bash, and PowerShell.

Good going!