Accenture Survey Names AWS Most Developer Friendly Platform


A survey that states the obvious, who’d have thought? We all know how developer friendly the AWS cloud platform is, but a new study from Accenture is here to confirm the fact.

The Accenture 2018 Developer Ecosystem Survey investigates what is important to developers and how they access resources. It gathers respondent data from 15 different platforms, which reveals that the Amazon cloud platform ranks highly when it comes to friendliness.

Comes as no surprise that Amazon Web Services ended up top, as more and more development resources have started moving to the cloud.

With the company leading the charge.

This is what Accenture had to say on this:

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) topped the list as being the most developer-friendly platform, with respondents citing how it keeps them informed and provides monetization opportunities. Developers also see AWS as being the most future-looking platform.”

AWS cloud rivals also scored some points among developers, who consider Google Cloud Platform as the most innovative and caring about the needs of professional developers.

While Microsoft Azure developers are the most satisfied with the accuracy of the platform, as well as its currency findability and readability of content. Satisfaction was also expressed with the timeliness and technical background of the support they received.

Which is always important.

Anyway, good showing from Amazon Web Services here.

You can check out the granular details of the study by pointing your browsers to this link.