Bsquare DataV Now Fully Compatible With Amazon Greengrass

Well, that was fast! Bsquare has announced that its DataV platform is now compatible with Amazon Greengrass, thanks to a result of participation in the invitation only AWS Limited Preview program.

The cloud giant, of course, announced the general availability of Greengrass earlier this week.

This is the latest IoT service offering from Amazon Web Services, which enables local compute, messaging, and data synchronization between connected IoT devices, ensuring that the hardware quickly responds to local events, while at the same time minimizing data transmitted to the cloud.

Bsquare DataV, meanwhile, is an IoT platform and application suite that has been designed to improve business outcomes for industrial companies through predictive failure, data drive diagnostics and condition based maintenance.

It is built on a modular architecture that utilizes a wide array of AWS services.

Dave Wagstaff, Bsquare Chief Technology Officer talked about this achievement, saying:

“By using the newly announced AWS Greengrass service, DataV further enables a distributed compute configuration where raw data is processed at the point of ingress and only relevant information is passed back to the AWS cloud via the Device Shadow mechanism. This distributed compute model allows companies to realize benefits that include near real time event processing on edge devices, reduced data transport costs and quick implementation of edge based DataV applications.”

The DataV software also comes with comprehensive analytics and services that help organizations of all types engage with Internet of Things devices of all shapes and sizes.

To find out more details about what Bsquare offers, visit the official website.