AWS Lights Up Enterprise IoT With New Services


What is the next thing? The next thing in enterprise IoT? AWS has considerable experience in Internet of Thing with a number of successful products like the Amazon Echo, but the company is looking beyond.

Looking towards the massive, massive market of enterprise IoT.

This is where many believe the true potential of the Internet of Things will be attained.

It comes as no surprise then that AWS unveiled new IoT services at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas last week. We have new services and software aimed at helping businesses securely deploy device fleets, manage their things, and draw business enhancing insights from the data that they produce.

To kick things off, Amazon Web Services introduced IoT Device Management, a cloud service designed for device onboarding, monitoring, and remote management.

The cloud giant also introduced AWS IoT Device Defender to help keep these devices secure.

This solution will have continuous auditing capabilities, along with real-time detection and alerting features that let users know if their Internet of Things hardware is exhibiting unusual or suspicious behavior.

On top of these management and security features, organizations will also get access to investigation and mitigation tools to help businesses recover from suspected attacks.

The AWS IoT Analytics service allows enterprises the ability to put their IoT data to use.

As so elaborately explained by Tara Walker, technical evangelist at AWS:

“AWS IoT Analytics is a fully managed service of AWS IoT that provides advanced data analysis of data collected from your IoT devices. With the AWS IoT Analytics service, you can process messages, gather and store large amounts of device data, as well as, query your data.

Also, the new AWS IoT Analytics service feature integrates with Amazon Quicksight for visualization of your data and brings the power of machine learning through integration with Jupyter Notebooks.”

Also in the mix is Amazon FreeRTOS, an extension of the open source Free Real Time Operating System kernel. This IoT microcontroller operating system provides access to secure data processing, as well as local and cloud connectivity.

Over the air updates are also on the deck.