AWS Planning New East Coast Campus In Northern Virginia

Oh, Virginia! Amazon continues its love affair with its US East operation, which dates back to the very inception of AWS itself. The cloud giant still heavily relies on its data centers in this region for a lot of its services.

Things got underway here in 2006, but this particular region is now starting to show its age.

Recall that last high-profile outage in February this year?

Now, though, Amazon Web Services has confirmed plans to build a new East Coast campus in Northern Virginia, in the same general area that hosts its sprawling datacenter operations. This was announced by the governor of Virginia

Though details on what this project exactly entails are scarce, the press release says that this expansion of AWS presence in Northern Virginia would create up to 1,500 new jobs.

No indication whether AWS has actually committed to hiring that many people, or if this is just a figure that the officials are hoping for. Amazon employs around 7,000 people in Northern Virginia — a number that includes its AWS staff in this key region.

Amazon Web Services also officially confirmed this expansion, revealing that this AWS facility will be located at One Dulles Tower in the Herndon area of Fairfax County.

This place is already home to some AWS operations.

We probably will get further details into this expansion in due time, particularly a confirmation of the fact that if this project involves a new data center or just office space. What we do know right now is that AWS is readying a new corporate campus in this key region for the cloud company.