AWS Reinvent 2017 Final thoughts

AWS Reinvent 2017 Final thoughts

Hi Everyone its the week after the event… It’s official AWS Reinvent 2017 is over.

In this article, I will cover over more of the announcements and I will wrap up with my views of this year’s event and where I think the future lies with AWS Reinvent 2017 Final thoughts.

Following on from my previous post let me bring you up to speed on the additional services and updates that were announced.

Amazon has released 61 new products and noteworthy updates for Reinvent 2017

This spans across all its verticals, I have added the link to spare you the heavy lifting. learn more…

The vendor expo was a huge affair, what struck me most of all, however, was the proliferation of new startups I counted at least 20, its a good sign of the future.

A definite sign of growth due to the depth and breadth of the AWS product offering and the value the services and potential applications that the technology brings.

No new certifications were announced but here are my thoughts.

In the new year 2018, AWS will reintroduce the Security Speciality exams that didn’t make it past beta last year. I suspect also that we can expect to see AI Speciality exam join the fold as well so 9/9 will be the new 5/5 or 7/7 if you enjoy putting yourself through the rigour of certifications like me. talking about certification I met Ryan Kronenburg on the way back home.

There was less emphasis on recognising certifications this year in my view. I think the trend is to use the tech not go hunting after the certs,

I personally think that there should be a master cert that covers everything from 2 or 3 verticals, not unlike Cisco’s CCIE but its early days yet let’s see what happens.

Reinvent2017 Acloudguru

@acloudguru Ryan Kroonenburg.

The takeaways from this year are 2 fold: Decide where you are going to be in the AWS ecosystem. It’s one of 2 things really, either as a provider of AWS Driven products (Vendor/ AWS Partner) and services or as a consumer (AWS Technical person or organisation). Once you decide where you are in this landscape Focus specialise and go deep into it.

For me, I wanted a feel for the future and to see where the trends were so I could take that back to my clients and AWS Meetup group to ensure that they remain at the bleeding edge of technological innovation.

They are currently leaning toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) as we predicted with AWS Deeplens camera for developers with newly announced Sagemaker

I also attended a lot of Migration based Sessions, look for this one especially, once it becomes available on the web.

Brilliant Session by Jeremy Oakey From Cisco

This year saw 40,000 attendees up by 8,000 on last year so the event was a lot bigger than before yes there were massive frustrations getting from one venue to another ( i had to do the Venetian to the MGM) it took 45 mins a time with session 30mins apart that was a big challenge. It worked out in the end.

The Chalk talk sessions were brilliant it makes a change from being powerpoint overloaded all day long,  we get that enough at work so well done Amazon.

The entertainment and party events were spectacular well done, well organised I even managed to get a few games of table tennis in on the night. Food and drink were plentiful.

AWS Reinvent Bouncy Castle

Resident DJ Jen Lasher

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