Spotinst Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Spotinst Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Spotinst Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the event, met up with Adi Gelvan the Chief Revenue officer of Spotinst.

He agreed to do a quick interview and tell us a bit about his company.

Here is the video where he tells about Spotinst

Spotinst Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Spotinst Overview

Spotinst was at AWS Summit London 2017 showcasing its services that helps businesses optimize their cloud utilization and reduce their cloud computing cost.

This they do through the use of Amazon’s EC2 spot instances.

The Way Spotinst works is really simple.

They run your workloads on spot instances on AWS and Azure’s low-priority Vertual Machines this approach is a lot cheaper than renting a traditional virtual machine. The downside however is that Amazon may shut them down at any time.
Spotinst approach to overcoming this challenge is to leverage its Elastigroup technology, a combination of on-demand, reserved and spot-instances to create a cluster that’s always available, even though it depends heavily on spot instances.

The service is cloud platform agnostic, but the company’s obvious AWS focus is very apparent.

Spotinst has other commercial offerings aside from spot instances.

It also supports AWS users in better utilizing their reserved and on-demand instances.
Companies often don not manage financial resources as well as they could when in-house resources are not fully utilizing the compute performance that are prepaid for.
Spotinst says that its business grew 30 percent month-over-month in the last year and that it now “manages hundreds of millions of computing hours for its customers.”
“When we floated the idea of virtual cloud infrastructure two years ago, many said that it could not be done,” said Amiram Shachar, Founder and CEO of Spotinst, in today’s announcement. “But since then companies and developers voted with their workloads. We appreciate their confidence and support from our investors. The proceeds will help Spotinst grow, and take us closer to our vision of a cloud of clouds.”

A global company, Spotinst is headquartered in San Francisco.

Follow us them on Twitter @spotinst and visit us at to learn more.

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