AWS ReInvent 2017 Day 1

Reinvent blue 2017

AWS Reinvent 2017 Day 1

This week marks the beginning of AWS reinvent 2017.

My buddies and I have flown down from London for the second year in a row to partake in the festivities, knowledge, networking and to meet up old friends we made from last year.

As usual, the event is held in no other place than Las Vegas NV in the US

AWS Reinvent 2017 Day 1

For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the global event where Amazon AWS showcases “Everything AWS” the ultimate in cloud computing.

More importantly, we came to see what Is new in the world of AWS Cloud computing.

Amazon has a habit of launching a plethora of juicy new features now to blow us all away and give the business world a host of tools to enhance their business objectives.

We just had to be here

AWSforbusiness will cover as much of it as possible. This is a huge event.

I won’t go into the scale and size of it there are quite a few articles that do justice to that already.

What I will do however I give you a view of the look, the feel, the future and the strategic direction of AWS cloud computing as I see it

Full disclosure I’m an Amazon fan. I’ve had an Amazon account since 1999 and I believe I’m an AWS Fan Boy…. You heard me right unapologetically so.

I mean if you can be an apple fanboy (which I also am) why not an AWS fanboy.

So, let us begin, this article will be one of a number I will be putting up covering AWS Reinvent 2017.

At my last count, we have 18 main verticals in AWS see here for the details.

These are further broken into 98 separate services some have merged in others in some cases over time. By the end of the week, I can bet you there will be a lot more and I’ll pass on all the information to you.

As well as take you on the journey from registration getting swag and as many events as I can cover.

So expect the following:

  • Video Interview with Vendors as I did in the London Summit this year
  • Videos and interviews with Persons of interest.
  • Swag Haul review.

AWS Reinvent 2017 Day 1

  • Coverage of Keynote Addresses etc.
  • My thoughts on the event and the direction of AWS and the future of the cloud space as well.
  • Any interesting shots I can get.

It’s interesting to note that this year there is a Cisco stand, I will get an interview with them and see what the collaboration will be.

Finally, I will be tweeting live so you can follow me on twitter @chidi_oparah or @awsforbusiness and Linkedin to get the quicker updates before I upload full-fat content in my daily roundup

Any comments or questions add them below and if there is anything, in particular, you would like me to cover let me know.

Speak soon stay tuned… see here