AWS May build its own Corporate Training Service for Businesses

AWS May build its own Corporate Training Service for Businesses

AWS May build its own Corporate Training Service for Businesses

Amazon web services are on the move again if speculations and signs from sources watching AWS are to be believed. AWS it seems is looking to build a corporate training service that businesses can use for training and learning programs for employees: a recent report from CNBC published on Thursday seems to suggest.

AWS currently already offers online training for its partners via its Amazon Partner Network (APN). The training covers its technology and channel partner communities, as well as its internal staff on how to use its numerous cloud services

Amazon Web services may see the creation of a ready-to-use training service made available to is customers, instead of just raw compute and storage resources that are well known for as a means to facilitate and keep in step with the swift growth of its cloud platform.

To continue to compete with its cloud competitors Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, AWS may be wading into the ready-to-use training services market, potentially as a business that would create even more data and content, driving more usage of its cloud platform.

With learning-management software, individuals can go through collections of content such as videos to gain skills, and managers can track progress.

The latest prospective service will be more geared toward the creation of broader learning management that businesses could use to train and track the progress of their employees, according to two people familiar with the cloud giant’s plans and accompanying job listings.

The driver for these alleged plans came about when Amazon went shopping for learning management software for its own employees but couldn’t find anything to meet its needs. That’s when AWS decided in its now familiar fashion to build its own service to meet its needs and then offer it out to the public. With this new learning-management software, individuals will be able to go through swathes of content from videos to documentation and whitepapers to gain skills, and managers can track progress.

James Urquhart, recently recruited general manager at AWS’ learning services business unit, tweeted a job posting in June 2017 seeking people who could help build a SaaS-based product. Several other similar job postings followed, one in December for a solution architect who would be getting in ” on the ground floor of building a learning platform.” Urquhart who joined Amazon in 2017, also served as director of product and cloud management for Dell, and cloud programs and communications manager for Cisco.

Potentially, a corporate training and learning service from AWS would be lined up to compete with the likes of ready to use training service offerings from Workday, Oracle and SAP. will continue to watch the trends to see where this leads and the potential benefits to the cloud community as a whole.