AWS Launches New DLT Solutions

Distributed Ledger Technology

No blockchain, but distributed ledger technology is a go? AWS has just announced a number of DLT solutions available to its network of users. These can now be used to build and deploy applications.

In a number of areas, ranging from finance, commerce, and supply chain management.

And, of course, healthcare and life services.

The partners announced as part of this new unveil are Hyperledger Sawtooth, Corda R3, PokitDok, Quorum and Samsung NexLedger. In fact, the cloud giant also highlighted a number of use cases for the distributed ledger technology.

Mobile network operator T-Mobile, as an example, has built an identity and authentication platform with Sawtooth, which accompanies Jazz, its serverless development platform.

Likewise, for PwC. It currently makes use of a blockchain-based smart contract solution to auto-approve claims and trigger payments. The solution was built on AWS, uses a range of the company’s services, and lessens the need for manual intervention.

Amazon Web Services:

“AWS provides the broadest and deepest capabilities and the largest global infrastructure for building end-to-end blockchain platforms, cost efficiently and at scale. APN Technology and Consulting partners offer a rapidly growing selection of blockchain and distributed ledger solutions with support for multiple protocols.”

Pretty good.

That said, despite the interest in distributed ledger technology, AWS has shown reluctance towards the blockchain technology proper. The cloud leader is not fully ready to buy into the hype surrounding blockchain just yet, and has no current plans to offer its own blockchain service anytime soon.

This puts it at odds with some of its main competitors like Microsoft and IBM, both of which are moving full steam ahead to offer blockchain services.

All this may change in the coming months and years.

AWS can’t afford to sleep on this.