AWS In No Hurry To Launch A Blockchain Service


Bitcoin may be reaching new heights, and other cryptocurrencies charting new territories, but if you expected AWS to launch a blockchain service anytime soon, then prepare to be disappointed.

While competitors like Microsoft and IBM have been bullish on the technology, and launched blockchain services and pilot projects with a number of customers, Amazon Web Services is taking things slow, and doesn’t look to be joining this group.

That’s because during a press conference at the company’s annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS CEO Andy Jassy fielded a question on plans for a blockchain service.

Long story short, he seemed far from enthused about the prospects of launching something like this.

And the reason for that is that AWS does not see many use cases of blockchain beyond the distributed ledger. On top of that, many of the distributed ledgers available right now are rather limited in their capabilities.

According to him, there are other ways to solve the problems that blockchain aims to solve.

Nevertheless, he did leave the door open on a blockchain product in the future, as the landscape changes and this technology is used in new ways. While stressing that AWS does not build technology because it is thought to be as cool, Jassy said:

“We are very intrigued by what customers are ultimately going to do there.”

When that happens, you can be sure that AWS will be up and running with things. But until then, expect a bit of a bear run as the company focuses on other areas of the cloud.