AWS Brings 2 New Services To Canada

Canadian flag

Customers of Amazon Web Services in Canada now have access to two new services, as AWS has just rolled out new capabilities to help them monitor and manage their systems in their local region.

According to the company, these new services came online after feedback from customers.

Namely, Amazon X-Ray and EC2 Systems Manager.

Both launched on the AWS Canada (Central) region last week, and will offer developers and IT teams using this new Montreal based AWS region that launched late last year new tools and capabilities to build their cloud.

X-Ray is a tool designed for developers that are offering various micro services. It enables them to monitor the interactions between them in real-time.

They get the capability to monitor their different service components in order to observe the number of interactions and the latency between the services. This basically helps them build a chain of micro services into an application play, and they can make adjustments as needed.

In order to manage its overall performance.

The EC2 Systems Manager, on the other hand, allows for the automation of making updates on EC2 instances. Administrators, instead of logging into the instances to run updates, can issue commands to run the next time they are logged into.

An agent running on the machine then helps execute an update on the system automatically, like a patch or policy change. This not only allows for compliance management, but can also serve as a bridge between AWS and on-premises systems.

AWS has reported a balanced adoption of its cloud services by startups and enterprises alike in Canada, with several companies in the broadcasting and publishing industries among the early adopters of the Amazon Web Services platform.