Yellowfin Introduces AWS Powered Cloud BI Solution

Calling it lightning fast! And the best part is that they may be onto something here. Yellowfin, a business intelligence software vendor has just launched a cloud BI solution.

Yellowfin Cloud will leverage the AWS platform to deliver simplified business analysis and reporting for customers, with Amazon Web Services cloud technologies helping the company allow offer quick and easy access to its enterprise-grade BI software.

BI services provider Toustone has teamed up with Yellowfin to offer this web-based cloud solution on the AWS platform.

Yellowfin sales director for Asia-Pacific, Adam Chicktong had this to say on this occasion:

“The speed in which Yellowfin Cloud can upload a company’s data and prepare its first report is staggering. Customers can literally be up and running in seconds. It can take longer to type in your name and email than to spin up an entire BI environment. The solution is extremely agile and lightning fast.”

While AWS Australia and New Zealand head of channels and alliances, Stefan Jansen talked about this new launch, saying:

“The scalability and global reach of AWS combined with Yellowfin’s sophisticated enterprise-grade platform and Toustone’s fully-managed service delivery is the kind of solution our ANZ-based customers are asking for to help them overcome the traditional complexities associated with making the most of business intelligence.”

Toustone founder, Craig Lefoe, also spoke on this occasion:

“Yellowfin Cloud delivers business owners the flexibility, scalability and security of AWS with the intuitive and aesthetically appealing visualization tool that is Yellowfin.”

Yellowfin plans to add new features and functionality to its cloud offering on a regular basis to meet the need of businesses. The solution is currently available on a monthly subscription basis, with no lock in contract, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.