Splice Machine DBaaS Platform Comes To AWS Marketplace


Splice Machine has announced the availability of its DBaaS service on the AWS Marketplace, bringing its predictive application platform in easy access to Amazon cloud users.

This, the company says, will allow enterprises to develop and deploy a new generation of predictive apps that integrate fast data streaming, transactional workloads, analytics and machine learning to improve continuous predictions and decision making.

An expert in Hybrid Database Management System (DBMS), Splice Machine has made available its platform as Database-as-a-Service.

Splice Machine Logo

In the words of Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine:

“The days of static applications are over. Modern applications need to learn from the past, predict the future, plan based on those predictions, and then act in the moment. For such applications, Splice Machine offers an easy-to-use, powerful service in the cloud with the functionality that serves users’ needs.”

The firm says that early testers have given the service very positive feedback, ranking it easy to configure, provision, and deploy. In addition to that, the platform is also fast, powerful and scalable — a must in the highly dynamic world of cloud.

One big advantage of the Splice Machine DBaaS platform is its support for Structured Query Language. This industry standard implementation of SQL allows customers to move their existing database applications to the service.

While at the same time leveraging their existing skill sets.

You can find out more about Splice Machine on its official website, and check out the launch of this new solution on the AWS Marketplace to learn what it is all about.