SendGrid Arrives On The AWS Marketplace

SendGrid Arrives On The AWS Marketplace

SendGrid Arrives On The AWS Marketplace

SendGrid, a leading customer communication platform is now available on the AWS marketplace, with the company announcing its solution for the cloud platform earlier this week.

This, it says will enable Amazon Web Services customers to integrated the SendGrid email platform into applications that are deployed on the Amazon cloud. This arrival follows the recent announcement where both companies announced the expansion of their relationship.

And SendGrid officially confirmed that they were joining the AWS Partner Network.

J.R. Jasperson, Chief Architect at SendGrid:

“Our availability on AWS Marketplace enables more customers to leverage the scalability and deliverability of our email platform, combined with flexible APIs and attentive customer service. Through AWS Marketplace, customers can quickly find, buy and deploy SendGrid.”

SendGrid has made available both its email API and marketing services on the marketplace.

The former allows organizations to programmatically send emails via either the SendGrid API or an SMTP replay, which the company then facilitates by delivering the messages, report statistics, and manage the recipients.

The latter, meanwhile, makes it possible for businesses to design, test, send, and report on their email campaigns that they send to their target lists.

You can find out more information about SendGrid on their official website here.