Domino Model Delivery Now Runs Natively On AWS

Data Science

Data science platform provider, Domino Data Lab, today announced general availability of its Domino Model Delivery on AWS, designed to make it faster and more cost effective to deploy highly scalable production models.

Built to run natively on the Amazon Web Services platform, Domino on AWS delivers a superior experience that spans the full data science lifecycle.

The company has designed this offering based on four years of customer success with customers like Coatue, DBRS, Eventbrite, Mashable, Monsanto, and Moody’s Analytics. This new module allows data science teams to weave new and improved models into business practices seamlessly.

All without burdening their IT or Engineering departments.

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In the words of Nick Elprin, CEO, Domino:

“The unique challenges of building and deploying data science workloads to production make it the perfect business function for the cloud, and the trust and security that comes with AWS made them a natural choice for Domino starting four years ago. Domino Model Delivery validates the advantages of running Domino on AWS, streamlining model delivery for data scientists, ensuring their well-developed models are properly and quickly deployed, and turning the last marathon of model production into a 10-yard dash.”

Domino Model Delivery enables individuals and teams to rapidly deliver and monitor models as production-grade APIs or microservices without DevOps work or translation.

This solves one of the most vexing problems that today’s data-driven organizations face.

Up until now, data scientists and IT had to spend months in an arduous process of incorporating models into production applications. In addition to that, businesses also took on inherent risks during the translation process of re-coding models from their development environments into production.

Which resulted in removing lineage, compliance issues, even incurring possible errors and delays.

With this Domino Data Labs solution, though, they have the power and ability to create models that fit their unique needs, with their own data and business insights, combined with the robust modelling processes that are now available to them.

You can find out the full details of this powerful new launch on the company’s website here.