Teaming Up With AWS Has Really Helped Salesforce Grow

Basically, solving one of the company’s biggest problems. Salesforce, for all its size and stature, still gets the bulk of its revenue from the North American market.

Europe and Asia only accounts for 30% of its total sales, interestingly.

The cloud productivity giant continues to make significant investments in international markets, with over 40% of its new hires being outside the US. But the company has acknowledged that its partnership with Amazon Web Services is really what is helping it accelerate its growth across the globe.

Both companies have struck a number of partnership deals recently, with Salesforce having suddenly become a close ally of AWS.

And in its earnings call, on Tuesday, Salesforce revealed that its partnership with AWS has helped it open up new opportunities in countries like Canada and Australia. It started running its software in AWS datacenter last month, and plans to do the same down under later this year.

Salesforce president and COO, Keith Block, during the call:

“With AWS, that relationship is strong and that just gives us a lot of flexibility as we continue to focus and expand internationally.”

The world’s leading CRM provider previously used to run its software in its own datacenter, but it announced last year that it would run some of its software on AWS. It also committed to spend $400 million in four years on the Amazon cloud platform.

Which boasts a much wider footprint in more geographic regions than Salesforce.

The company sees international growth as a huge opportunity for, as overseas sales have been stagnant, hovering at around 30% annual. The North American region accounts for 70%, with the US market delivering over 90% of the share.