AWS CEO Forecasts The Cloud Landscape

AWS Jassy Keynote

Basically, the AWS CEO believes that while Amazon Web Services will remain the number one provider, it will share the cloud computing heights with a couple of different big companies.

Microsoft, Google, and IBM, et al.

According to Andy Jassy, a few big vendors will fit into whatever multicloud strategies companies define, going forward. However, he does not think multicloud will mean splitting workloads evenly among different providers.

Many CIOs and IT decision makers started to think that they will do that, but very few end up going that route, according to Jassy.

Others have hinted of this before, too.

Anyway, the AWS CEO is confident that the cloud arm of Amazon will remain the world’s top cloud infrastructure provider, even if it will not be the only one. Optimistic is the word that he used here, while saying that Amazon Web Services will not be the world’s only cloud provider:

“There’s not going to be only one successful company.”

He predicted that companies moving their applications and data to the cloud will go with two or more of a cluster of large providers, which is made up of the four or five large companies that provide public cloud services.

Jassy was speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo this week.

The AWS platform will be the primary cloud for many companies, he said, because the company has so much more functionality than anybody else, a much larger and more mature ecosystem and then a much more mature platform.