AWS Cozying Up To Healthcare VCs

Healthcare IT

Who would have thought that networking with healthcare venture capitalists would be a full-time job in 2018? But that’s what companies like AWS and NVIDIA are doing now.

Both these technology giants don’t want to miss out on the opportunity in the rapidly dynamic healthcare field. And this involves identifying startups when they are young — essentially building up relationships with investors and their portfolio companies.

All with the intention of convincing them to buy AI chips and services from NVIDIA or Amazon Web Services over others.

That’s because switching at a later stage in a company’s lifecycle is not only expensive, but is also very labor-intensive. Best start early, as the saying goes.

As noted, this idea is nothing new.

Big technology companies have been networking with VC firms and startup accelerator programs for years. But it is the healthcare angle that is interesting now, and that’s because traditional technology firms have not paid much attention to health.

And bringing AI tools to healthcare is a particularly hot area, these days.

Cloud providers, in particular, are realizing that these companies not only have strong growth potential, but are in the market for new technology tools. Healthcare is a data intensive business, and data has now become paramount in the artificial intelligence and machine learning world of today.

With that in mind, it’s not exactly surprising seeing large organizations like AWS reach out to venture capitalist firms, in order to work with their portfolio companies.

In convincing them why they should be early adopters of whatever solutions they provide.

And that, remarkable as it sounds, calls for job openings for folks who can network with health investors from these elite firms. Job openings that both AWS and NVIDIA now have.

Who would have thought!