2nd Watch Banks On AWS To Help Covanta Grow Their Business

2nd Watch, a provider of managed cloud solutions for enterprises, has announced that it will be using the AWS platform for its large migration process with Covanta.

The latter being a sustainable waste and energy solutions company.

In collaboration with AWS Professional Services, 2nd Watch aims to migrate more than 400 servers and 43 business applications from the internal datacenter that Covanta is currently running to AWS. The project is scheduled to be complete by summer 2017.

This implementation is part of a long-term initiative to outsource Covanta’s IT infrastructure to the cloud, while at the same time supporting smooth onboarding of acquired companies and lowering operating expenses overall.

According to estimates, Covanta will be able to deliver services to users 90% faster, with a predicted 60% cost savings.

Todd Weatherby, Director, AWS Professional Services:

“Our experience consistently demonstrates that AWS customers get the best project and business outcomes from a combination of APN Partners and specialists from AWS Professional Services. The initiative with Covanta exemplified the power of this collaboration. Combining 2nd Watch’s critical skills and long-term support with our AWS specialist delivered high-quality results for Covanta.”

While Jeff Aden, EVP of Marketing & Strategic Business Development & Co-Founder of 2nd Watch had this to say on the deal:

“We are always encouraged by working with companies that are able to realize many business benefits, including cost savings, by moving to AWS. Covanta has been true to its mission of sustainability by moving to the cloud, and the company benefited further by lowering its costs and increasing its integration capabilities by moving to AWS.”

Covanta has, in recent times, witnessed strains on the IT department, which has been hampered by the organization’s ability to quickly integrate employees from acquired companies.

The company currently has facilities worldwide, and has grown aggressively through acquisition since 2010. Its facilities now safely convert approximately 20 million tons of waste into clean, renewable electricity to power one million homes and recycle approximately 500,000 tons of metal.

This migration, however, was necessary for the company to reduce its overhead, and according to company officials, AWS provided the best backbone and set of solutions to make the transition.