Zerto Virtual Replication Reaches For Multiple Clouds


Zerto has made a name for itself in replication software, but the company’s solution is now aiming for the sky. The latest iteration has been enhanced for multicloud implementations.

The data protection specialist unveiled the new Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0, which comes with the ability to do both inter-cloud and intra-cloud data movement using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud environments.

As noted, this new version expands on the bidirectional replication capability to protect applications and data to and from clouds, and between multiple clouds.

Zerto Logo

Rob Strechay, senior vice president of product of the Boston based company explains it best:

“It works any-to-any [cloud]. We enable region-to-region [replication] support for Azure. We can do failover from AWS to Azure or on premises. You can go from Azure to AWS and from AWS to Azure. You also can go from IBM to Azure or AWS to IBM or one of the 350 other service providers we support.”

This, as you can imagine, goes a long way in streamlining the idea of multicloud. It not only provides better disaster recovery options, but also helps organizations avoid vendor lock-in.

Which is quickly become a major concern for cloud users.

In case you’re unaware of how Zerto Virtual Replication works, this is a hardware agnostic, hypervisor-based replication tool that offers continuous replication while automating failover and failback in VMware environments.

This means that unlike traditional array-based replication solutions, Zerto can replicate to any storage system, as well as to hybrid and public clouds.

You can check it out in more detail here on the company’s official website.