VMware Cloud Finally Live On AWS

Virtzilla is now a proper SaaS player! After months of anticipation, VMware Cloud is finally available on AWS, and the virtualization giant has announced half a dozen services to go with it.

The blockbuster deal between AWS and VMware has been the talk of the town ever since it came to light last year — a company that dominates virtual machines on premises teaming up with the public cloud leader turned more than a few heads.

This makes for a powerful combination, and that is exactly what the VMware officials alluded to today when they unveiled VMware Cloud at the VMworld conference a few hours back.

While AWS runts its own virtual machines, these are not the same VMs that VMware runs in its datacenters, and this is what leads to management headaches for companies that want to run both.

With VMware Cloud, they will be able to move their VMware solutions to Amazon Web Services servers, getting the best of both worlds, without the management problems.

VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger:

“VMware Cloud on AWS gives customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that delivers the same architecture, capabilities and operational experience across both their vSphere-based on-premises environment and AWS.”

AWS CEO Andy Jassy shared the same sentiment:

“The majority of the world’s enterprises have virtualized their data centers with VMware, and now these customers can easily move applications between their on-premises environments and AWS without having to purchase any new hardware, rewrite their applications, or modify their operations.”

And while this may just be another in the line of big deals for AWS, it is a huge lift for VMware, a company that has struggled over the last five years to find its place as customers have begun to shift their workloads to the cloud.

This integration with AWS will allow enterprises to seamlessly move and run their workloads in the leading public cloud on the market.

VMware Cloud is available starting Monday on an hourly basis via the US West 2 region of AWS on an hourly basis. It can be run on Amazon Web Services alone, or in a hybrid cloud that spans on-premises implementations.

You can find out the complete details on this new launch from AWS or directly from VMware.