AWS To Increase Cloud Infrastructure Investment In Australia

AWS To Increase Cloud Infrastructure Investment In Australia

AWS and Microsoft are vying for some government business as ACT has put underway a plan for digital transformation within the next four years, with AWS Investment In Australia  for cloud infrastructure.

ACT, as in Australian Capital Territory.

The self-governing territory has already chosen to base its cloud-first digital transformation program on the Microsoft Azure cloud, but is ready to sign a similar agreement with Amazon Web Services over the next weeks in order to create some market tension.

And allow the government the ability to buy products that run exclusively on either cloud platform.

To that end, the global head of the public sector business for AWS, Teresa Carlson has promised to increase cloud infrastructure investment in the country:

“You can’t really run a business any more unless you are moving rapidly towards that [cloud] model … new tools like artificial intelligence capabilities, machine learning and the internet of things have to be tested and run at scale.

We have been in this market 11 years. I think, as an example, Microsoft relatively recently launched Azure and is fairly new to the market … we are actually happy that there are a lot of companies, because it really gives credibility to cloud computing.”

She is there in Australia for the annual AWS public sector conference, which gets underway this week.

While Microsoft is set to announce on Tuesday that the Australian Capital Territory Government will base its ambitious cloud-first digital transformation program on Azure, AWS recently won a prestigious contract for itself.

The cloud giant will be running the My Tax application for the Australian Taxation Office for tax return submission in its cloud.

Carlson capped it off by saying that AWS was not unfazed with the reports that Microsoft was investing heavily in the local cloud infrastructure, and said that Amazon is planning considerable ongoing upgrades, with its investment led by predicted customer demand.

The competition is just heating up!