AWS Wins Big In Mass Cloud Migrations Of VMware Workloads


Looks like AWS will be the big winner as a large number of VMware hypervisor users question their long-term loyalty to the platform and plan their switch to the cloud.

This migration of virtual workloads may point to trouble on the horizon for VMware, but public cloud companies are set to reap the benefits — most notably Amazon Web Services, which is the preferred choice of 47% of the companies.

While Microsoft Azure is good for 25% of the respondents.

These results are from the 2017 VMware Cloud Migration Survey that Druva recently conducted, in seeking to understand how enterprises that are working in a VMware environment are looking to migrate their datacenters to the cloud.

Basically, 90% of these organizations have plans, and aim to migrate their workloads by 2018.


Unfortunately for VMware, many VMware hypervisor users are considering alternative hypervisors, with the majority of respondents, some 63% of them, expressing a desire to natively build applications in the cloud instead of replacing VMware environments on public cloud platforms.

And one of the key drivers of this cloud migration is the data protection of virtual infrastructure, with the reporting finding that 82% cited disaster recovery as a critical reason to move to the cloud.

A total of 443 VMware professionals from multiple industries across the planet completed the survey.