Skytap Now Supports Amazon Web Services

Cloud Workloads

Seattle based startup Skytap has added support for Amazon Web Services, offering its customers the choice of running their workloads on the AWS platform.

In addition to the company’s own cloud, of course.

Skytap has seen remarkable growth lately, tripling its revenue over the last three years. It helps companies that have legacy applications take advantage of the flexibility of cloud computing. This it does by replicating their datacenter environments within its own cloud.

Skytap Logo

The option of running workloads on the Amazon cloud platform, however, will become available in the first half of 2018 according to Dan Jones, director of product development at Skytap:

“We’re seeing this emerging pattern among our customer base; they have this traditional app, (with) decades of investment in it, but there are capabilities residing up in AWS that they want to take advantage of.”

Although Skytap is adding in support for AWS, the company will still move the on-premises applications of customers into its own cloud, and will build a bridge component using an API to connect it with Amazon Web Services.

And while the company is starting with AWS, but will explore adding more cloud platforms into the mix, if there is demand from customers. Skytap already has an existing cloud partnership with the IBM.

Find out more details on the services the company offers here.