AWS Bringing AI To Data Warehousing With Ironman?

AI Machine Learning

Ironman. Amazon Web Services is some two weeks away from its re:Invent conference, but details of what the company is planning next on the AI front are already here.

Apparently, data warehousing is about to get a ton more interesting, thanks to an injection of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This new report claims that AWS Ironman will be an upgrade to its existing RedShift data warehouse product.

One that delivers much improved performance for customers working with large data sets required in machine learning research.

AI certainly seems to the next battleground for cloud providers, and Ironman would fit right into the two of the biggest themes for AWS this year — databases and artificial intelligence.

Data warehouses are simply databases that have been modified to read and analyze data faster than conventional database. Oracle has taken the lead here, but currently finds its data warehouse customers going for competing products like AWS RedShift and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

And while Google has been at the forefront of AI research, Amazon has made tons of investments in this highly field these last couple of years and committed a lot of resources in what is still a new area for a lot of the cloud customers.

AWS also plans to unveil a managed deep learning service at the upcoming event in Las Vegas, which runs from November 27 to December 1.

The company is sure to provide more details on both these new services at re:Invent, but both already sounds like exciting additions to the already significant AI and ML capabilities that are on offer on the Amazon cloud.