Qubole Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

AWS London Summit 2017 Qubole

Qubole Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the event, AWSforbusiness.com met up with Sam from Qubole

He had a few words to say about his company.

Qubole Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Qubole overview

Qubole provides a Data Service is the first Autonomous Data Platform, its a comprehensive big data platform that self-manages, self-optimizes and learns from your usage, allowing the data team to focus on business outcomes rather than on managing the platform.

Qubole Constantly analyzes and learns about platform’s usage through combination of heuristics and machine learning.
Provides actionable Alerts, Insights and Recommendations (AIR) to optimize reliability, performance and costs.
Automatically enacts policies through a number of Cloud Agents to eliminate the need for repetitive manual actions

“Qubole Data Service orchestrates resources on the customer’s Cloud account based on dataops-defined security policies and target workload SLAs. Separation of compute and storage ensures that compute resources can be scaled as needed without being constrained by storage costs and limitations. Clusters are automatically activated, scaled and terminated in response to user queries submitted via Workbench, Notebooks, API requests from external applications, or third-party Business Intelligence tools, via ODBC/JDBC integration.”


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