Cryptzone Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Aws London Summit 2017 Cryptzone

Cryptzone Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the event, met up with Andy Lalaguna from Cryptzone for an interview.

He had a few words to say about his company.

Cryptzone take a Simple. Secure. Dynamic. approach to delivering cloud services:

Simple – Our approach is simple and disruptive. We know that traditional security solutions are not working and that users have too much access to the network and data. Organizations need an alternative. Our solutions are disruptive overcoming the flaws that exist in network and content security.

Secure– Anything that lives within an organization’s network needs protection. Our mission is to secure the network and data to reduce attack surfaces beyond what inadequate, traditional tools can do. We do this by wrapping network permissions around each unique user.

Dynamic – Security is dynamic – it needs to change based on context such as user, role, location and device. Cryptzone’s portfolio of solutions dynamically adjust secure access and data usage based on context. The result? Solutions that adjust to the real world and how employees and hackers access networks and data.

Company Overview:

Cryptzone reduces the enterprise attack surface by 99% with its secure network access solutions. Using a distributed, scalable and highly available Software-Defined Perimeter model, Cryptzone protects applications and content from internal and external threats while significantly lowering costs. In cloud environments including AWS and Azure, Cryptzone provides user access control, increases operational agility and improves the ability to meet regulatory and compliance standards. More than 450 companies rely on Cryptzone to secure their network and data.

Check them out at: twitter @cryptzone

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