2nd Watch Successfully Earns The AWS MSP Partner Validation

As in, the Amazon Web Services Managed Service Provider Partner Validation. 2nd Watch has just announced that it has successfully completed the Audit for the third year in a row.

The company, a provider of managed cloud services to enterprises, has been a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network since 2012, and has worked with AWS on a number of large customer deployments during this time.

In the 2017 audit, 2nd Watch was recognized to be extremely aligned with AWS and its products, and was found to have very mature processes to go with a length MSP history with the best practices in place for quite some time.

As Terry Wise, Vice President, Channels & Alliances, AWS Partner Program noted:

“2nd Watch continues to be a valued member of the AWS Partner Network as we attain enterprise customers. The firm and its teams have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage sensitive data and critical applications in complex environments. The audit validates that 2nd Watch can support large companies in the most regulated industries.”

The auditors also pointed out that the 2nd Watch teams proposed, what accounted to, over $6 million dollars in cost savings to clients in the first quarter of the year alone.

All through streamlined performance and financial processes.

The AWS MSP Partner Program Audit outlines service providers with truly verifiable experience, practices and results.

It highlights APN Consulting Partners that are skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and are proven to deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their environment.

You can find out more about 2nd Watch at their official website here.