AWS Expanding Channel Team To Push Current Partner Base

Looks like AWS is gearing up for a big push in the United Kingdom. The cloud giant has revealed plans to expand practices within the current Amazon Web Services partner base in the region.

And for this reason, the company is ready to enlarge its channel team.

Account management team, that be.

The idea is to encourage partners to build their AWS practices, according to UK managing director Gavin Jackson. This comes on the back of a recent report by Canalys that claimed that cloud leaders AWS, Microsoft and Google are turning their attention to the channel in order to sustain their growth.

And bring about the next stage of cloud adoption, while at it.

Speaking to CRN, Gavin Jackson revealed that business put through the channel is set to increase now, as more traditional organization and companies are looking at the cloud these days:

“Right from the very first day of AWS an indirect route to market has always been part of our plans; we just simply grew up on younger start-up companies who had the engineering muscle to figure it out themselves. In this case they just wanted even our own field team to get out of the way and let them use the technology.

But your more-established companies that have been around a lot longer and still have technical debts from more old-guard technology still want to break out of that cycle the same way enterprises do.

There is still money to be saved and that part of the market has been for the longest part neglected by partner ecosystems that went upmarket. Computacenter is solely focused on filling that gap – and there are others as well.”

All that said, business through resellers and systems integrator partners has seen some solid success recently, and has grown by an impressive 110% year-on-year.

Add to this the fact that AWS has more than 100,000 customers in the United Kingdom, and it calls for the strategy of the cloud giant expanding its internal accounts team to help partners increase their capabilities with the Amazon Web Services platform.

Instead of simply seeking new partners to keep up with market demand, so to say.