UK MET Office Scales Up With AWS Cloud


The MET Office has joined the long list of public sector organizations that are using the cloud to develop their infrastructure further by joining Amazon Web Services.

It turned to AWS last year when it began deploying data to the cloud, with the goal of using the AWS platform to help the organization deliver more effective weather reports. It has now begun to better utilize the cloud to not only better reach customers, but also benefit internal teams.

By developing the best infrastructure to date.

But the foremost focus for an organization like the MET Office is, unsurprisingly, delivering back data to its customers economically. This is something that is involves a large scale — scale that it had access to at Amazon Web Services.

MET Office Logo

As noted, the technical benefits of using AWS have helped drive the MET Office into a digital future, as it began delivering accurate data to customers using Alexa, and through apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Charles Ewen, CIO of the MET Office:

“A big thing cloud services can do for us is turn data into something useful, realistic and economic for others to re-use and make decisions off the back of it. People don’t often care about the amount, instead how it affects them.

AWS helps engineers get access to something, from computer networks, storage or memory. Compared to in premise days, it would take two weeks. AWS takes away the limitations on invention, which means engineers and scientists have a quicker way to try new approaches at a high scale.”

Utilizing the abilities of the Alexa platform opened up a new way for the public to plan their day, easily knowing the weather forecast in their area simply by asking the digital voice assistant.

AWS, has allowed the department to build things quickly, learn quickly, fail and succeed quickly. And the technical benefits of the Amazon Web Services cloud are helping reduce the time the MET Office spends researching, and more time inventing and innovating.

Sunshine straight ahead!