AWS Launches New Power Packed Cloud Virtual Desktop

Power, at a premium price! AWS has launched a new cloud virtual desktop offering that is perfect for users that seek a turbocharged machine that they can access over the Internet.

Think four virtual CPUs, 16 GB of RAM and 275 GB total storage.

This is, what the company calls, the WorkSpaces Power Bundle, and as you can guess, this particular package is meant for developers, data analysts and other users that want to get compute and memory intensive work done on the go.

Jeff Bar, in candid mode:

“Are you tired of hearing me talk about Amazon WorkSpaces yet? I hope not, because we have a lot of customer-driven additions on the roadmap! Our customers in the developer and analyst community have been asking for a workstation-class machine that will allow them to take advantage of the low cost and flexibility of WorkSpaces. Developers want to run Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and other IDEs. Analysts want to run complex simulations and statistical analysis using MatLab, GNU Octave, R, and Stata.”

All this is part of the continued expansion of WorkSpaces that Amazon Web Services is seeking, as it works to provide companies with a solution to hook up their employees in virtual Windows machines that only exist in AWS datacenters.

As expected, this new bundle commands a premium price.

Users will have to part with $78 per month for a Power Bundle WorkSpace, running in the AWS US-East region. Good old Northern Virginia, that be. This is quite a bit up from the $43 per month than the Standard Bundle that gets users 2 virtual CPUs, 4 GB memory and 130 GB storage.

Those that do not want to use this WorkSpace frequently can also opt for a $19 per month package at 68 cents an hour for the Power Bundle.

Details of all this can be checked at the link above.