Sungard Availability Services Simplifies AWS Cloud Management

Among a host of other services to make cloud computing easier for Amazon Web Service customers. Sungard Availability Services, also known as Sungard AS, has just introduced Managed Cloud for AWS.

This, the company pitches as an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that are looking to move their IT workloads to the cloud, with the ultimate goal being to simplify cloud migrations, and provide the right resources for operations and recovery.

According to Josh Crowe CTO at Sungard1:

“The choice of going with the world’s leading cloud platform was simple enough. AWS has done an amazing job of leading a sea change in programmable infrastructure. Through that change, customers continue to look to us to help solve their infrastructure challenges across their existing estate of systems and hyperscale clouds. We provide them with the tools and expertise to deploy their new apps and migrate existing workloads onto AWS so they can focus their attention on their core business.

Customers are looking for a partner to help them across their entire IT deployment. Not all applications are ready to move to the cloud, so most companies find themselves in a hybrid IT environment. Sungard AS has the expertise to help companies determine the right course of action for each application and create a robust, available and recoverable infrastructure for both cloud and legacy applications.”

The company has taken a programmatic approach to leverage AWS, and ensuring consistency and reliability for customers.

What this means is that, for example, when creating new accounts, the security and configuration is implemented automatically. An automated environment ensures that the customer workloads are secure and performing properly inside of AWS and Sungard AS datacenters.

Including the company’s newest datacenter that it put together in Santa Clara, California.

The AWS flavored Sungard AS Managed Cloud is available in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

You can find out the complete detail of the critical production and recovery services the company provides to global enterprise companies on its official website.