NVIDIA Details Its New Amazon EC2 G3 Solutions

More specifically, GRID and Tesla M60, the latest NVIDIA creations that the company say are fueling the cloud-based workstation experience from Amazon Web Services.

The cloud giant, very recently, launched the G3 instance on its EC2 service.

Allowing users to work with complex visual effects, real-time 3D renderings, and photoreal models straight from the cloud, without being tethered to their desks. This newest launch is meant specifically for organizations working with graphics and virtual reality.

The scalable and powerful G3 instance allows enterprises to have their globally distributed teams work from anywhere, while collaborating in real time.

NVIDIA, while announcing the availability of its new solutions, explained how its GRID software allows architects, artists, product designers, and other professionals tackle their complex workloads straight from the cloud.

Workloads that typically require high-end, desk-bound workstations.

These graphics solutions even work for users that want multiple displays, as the Tesla M60 supports four 4K displays, compared to just one display on the G2 instance, the predecessor to what Amazon Web Services is now offering.

You can find out more details on the NVIDIA GRID virtualization platform here, and read up on the impressive new capabilities that are included in new NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU accelerators by pointing your web browsers to this link.

The Amazon EC2 G3 instances are now available across the United States and parts of Europe.