GE Provides More Details On Its AWS Cloud Migration

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AWS secured a big win earlier this week, when it was announced that General Electric, the multinational conglomerate has chosen the Amazon cloud as its preferred platform.

In fact, it even went so far as to claim that more than 2,000 of its apps are already on the AWS cloud.

Long story short, GE has picked up pace for its digital transformation efforts, and its multiyear push to adopt a cloud first approach is coming along mighty well — with a little timely help from Amazon Web Services.

Chris Drumgoole, CTO and corporate vice president of GE, shared some more details on the move to the cloud service, which is ultimately helping the firm push the boundaries of its own digital transformation:

“Adopting a cloud-first strategy with AWS is helping our IT teams get out of the business of building and running detacentres, and refocus our resources on innovation as we undergo one of the largest and most important transformations in GE’s history.

We chose AWS as the preferred cloud provider for GE because AWS’s industry-leading cloud services have allowed us to push the boundaries, think big and deliver better outcomes for GE.”

GE’s public reinforcement of its commitment to AWS comes at a time when the cloud leader is facing an increased amount of competitive pressure, with the IaaS space now opening up with companies like Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba all reporting strong enterprise adoption of their platforms.

And while AWS remains, by and large, the Infrastructure as a Service market leader, it is experiencing just a little slowdown compared to these abovementioned service providers.

Either way, the pace, scope and innovative approach General Electric has taken in its journey to the Amazon cloud is impressive. And this should serve as a highlighted case study, how quick GE has migrated to the cloud platform.

More of this, please.