Enterprises Now Prefer More Than One Cloud, Survey Reveals

Cloud computing was supposed to make it easier for enterprises to deploy their business apps, but things are now complicated, as organizations opt for a strategy that spans cloud platforms.

In fact, as this latest report reveals, half of all cloud customers are running multiple clouds.

This recent survey of technology professionals was conducted by Cloudify and IOD Cloud Tech Research, and shows that companies now prefer to employ multiple cloud vendors, as they try to get a handle on multiple cloud services.

All this has been made possible by technologies like containers, microservices, and serverless technologies — all of which have now moved beyond buzzwords and into mainstream.

Containers were chosen by 26.6% of the organizations surveyed, while microservices came in not too far behind at 20.1%. Serverless technologies, on the other hand, were much farther down the list, with only around 10.7% of respondents reporting interest in using this emerging technology.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents cited operational efficiency and the opportunity for business innovation as their primary reason for moving to the cloud. As opposed to the traditional answer of cost savings, which is now way down the list.

What’s really interesting here is that OpenStack was deployed as often as AWS, which still remains in the lead comfortably.

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure was, as a matter of fact, the most popular two-cloud combination in this survey of around 700 IT professionals, spread evenly across company sizes, with most organizations in the technology business.

If you want, you can get a copy of the survey here.