AWS Having Trouble In US East Once Again

The notorious US East facility in Northern Virginia is giving AWS trouble again! The cloud giant reported issues with the Region, with an outage taking out the Lambda and Lex services.

Problems were reported around 5:30 PM Pacific Time, when users of the Amazon Lambda serverless technologies started seeing errors. These then quickly spread to other key services, including the Lex conversational bot and the company’s API Gateway service.

Amazon Web Services acknowledged the issues on its status page, and according to the information that came out at around 9:00 PM, the company seems to have figured out what’s going on with Lambda, which was the first issue to crop up.

This is what AWS wrote on its status page:

“We have identified issues in AWS Lambda’s capacity subsystem related to the increased API error rates and latencies in the US-EAST-1 Region and continue to work toward resolution.”

Lambda is, of course, the technology Amazon has developed for serverless application development, one of the more exciting new developments in the world of cloud. Deemed by many to be the next crucial step in the evolution of cloud technology, AWS was first to this game in 2014.

Promising instant scaling for developers, and precision usage pricing.

But while Lambda may be new, the US-East, however, is old.

Old enough to have played a part in some of the most widespread outages in the past, including one most recently in February. AWS may have opened other facilities around the world, but things continue to go wrong in Northern Virginia.

As of this writing, the number of services affected with this latest problem include Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Lex, Amazon Pinpoint, AWS Batch, AWS Config, AWS Lambda, and AWS Step Functions.

Fingers crossed, the company manages to fix this problem with Lambda, and the other services that depend on this modernistic technology.