AWS To Go All In In AI

Artificial Intelligence still may be a buzzword as far as cloud is concerned, with barely a few large companies really utilizing its potential, but AWS still wants to push full steam ahead with it.

The cloud giant is all ready to deeply invest in AI technologies going forward.

In a very detailed interview, Shane Owenby, MD, APAC and Stephen Orban, Global Head of Enterprise Strategy at Amazon Web Services touched up on the success AWS has raked up over the years, their push towards enterprise customers and startups, as well as the move they are making in AI.

Starting with the fact that more than 3 trillion dollars are being spent in the IT market, and every major vendor is trying to build a replica of what Amazon Web Services has created over the years.

According to Gartner estimates, more customers use the AWS platform than 14 of their competitors combined, but even then, the cloud giant has had to turn down many customers because their business model was not ready enough at that time.

On the topic of AI and machine learning, they said that Amazon is investing deeply in artificial intelligence research and development now:

“Apart from our regular AI platforms, we are looking at other elements. It’s a key element for us to invest going forward. Many enterprises have been contemplating for a long time. It requires a great deal of expertise. So, one of our objectives is to give enterprise customers solutions with AI and ML.”


They also touched up on how AWS is comfortable running a business that is high volume margin, and how they keep on slashing prices and being comfortable passing the savings back to their customers.