AWS Artificial Intelligence

AWS Artificial Intelligence

AWS Artificial Intelligence brings powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to the development community. AWS Artificial Intelligence services enable you to build conversational interfaces to your applications using voice and text.

What is AWS Artificial Intelligence?

AWS Artificial Intelligence is a family of AWS services that provide cloud-native machine learning and deep learning technologies addressing your different use cases and needs. AWS AI services bring natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies within reach of every developer.

AWS Artificial Intelligence enables you to build conversational interfaces to your applications using voice and text; add image analysis to your applications; turn text into lifelike speech that you can store and play back; and build smart machine learning applications quickly and easily.

Here is a list of the Artificial Intelligence services AWS has to offer that are available now:


AWS Lex builds conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text, this enables you to build applications with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions.

AWS Rekognition

AWS Rekognition makes it easy to add image analysis to your applications. With Rekognition, you can detect objects, scenes, and faces in images. You can also search and compare faces. Rekognition’s API enables you to quickly add sophisticated deep learning-based visual search and image classification to your applications.

AWS Polly

AWS Polly turns text into lifelike speech. Polly lets you create applications that talk, enabling you to build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. AWS Polly uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

AWS Machine Learning

AWS Machine Learning makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use AWS machine learning technology. AWS Machine Learning uses visualization tools and wizards that guide you through the process of creating machine learning (ML) models without having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology.