Consulting Services

AWS Consulting Services


Who We Are:,  AWS Consulting Services is experienced, passionate, results driven, and creative problem solvers. 

Our global technical and functional experience spans multiple industry verticals with key participation in multiple successful business transformations.

We are customer centric thought leaders and partners who thrive on helping our clients deliver solutions that are:

  • Innovative
  • Aligned with business and strategic goals
  • Simplified
  • Agile
  • Easily adopted by end users

How We Help Clients:

Our AWS Consulting Service helps all our clients using a question based framework.  Our experience shows that every client ultimately wants one or multiple question/s answered. Some of the more common and frequent questions our clients continue to ask are:

  • Why should I embark on this business transformation and how will it benefit my organization?
  • What is my Total Cost of Ownership for a technology solution?
  • What business processes are critical for me to re-engineer to support my organizational growth and transformation?
  • What software solutions are a best fit for solving my organizational needs?
  • What type of technology do I need to support and sustain a deployment effort?
  • Do I have the right skills in house to execute and support my business transformation and or solution deployment effort?
  • What skill sets do I need to execute and continue to support a business transformation or solution deployment effort?
  • What are my risks and how do I mitigate them over the course of a business transformation or solution deployment effort?

Working together with our clients, AWS Consulting Services provides thought leadership for actionable answers that are specific to each client.

What We Offer:

We offer AWS consulting services in the following areas.  Please click on each area to get more detail about our specific offerings:

  • AWS Migration Consulting
  • Programme Planning
  • Programme Health Checks
  • Vendor Selection
  • Business Process snapshot capture
  • Risk Identification and Analysis

For more information on consulting services and/or to start a consulting engagement with us please contact us here