Home Office All Set For AWS Migration

The Home Office is currently looking for an architect and developers to oversee the delivery of its new AWS environment, with plans to have the services go live February 2018.

Work is due to start on October 9, and is expected to last for six months — though the organization is also open to possibly extending it to nine months, if needed.

This important UK government department is using an external cloud provider right now, and intends to move the platform to an in-house solution powered by the Amazon Web Services platform that needs to be in beta by November 1 of this year.

As noted, the deal involves a significant amount of data, and the Home Office says its current hosting provider has, for all intents and purposes, reached its potential.

It has settled on an in-house AWS platform as the most appropriate location to run these services.

The goal is to ensure migration of all the digital services to the new platform within the time frame, with minimal disruption to the live service. And it involves building services on AWS to migrate systems between datacenters, as well as deploying services using Docker and Kubernetes.

Although things are just getting started, we should hear more on this, as the organization finalizes a service provider and initiates the migration process in the next couple of months.