What are good sources of Amazon Lightsail documentation?

Lightsail Documentation

There are numerous sources of Lightsail informaton. Online documentation for Amazon Lightsail is plenty, and easy to find. The company provides easy to follow instructions that can help users get up and running in no time.

On top of that, in cases where you are not clear on VPS and web hosting concepts, you can scan the documentation and help available for competing services like DigitalOcean. There is a wealth of information at hand at these sources, and all is backed by a vibrant and helpful community.

Let’s start with where you can find Amazon Lightsail documentation.

Amazon Lightsail documentation

As usual, the first place to start with Amazon Lightsail documentation is the special site Amazon has set up for the service. The company currently has a Developer Guide on offer for users to get started with Lightsail, along with an API Reference, with both HTML and PDF versions provided.

The fact that Lightsail has extensive API support for programmatic access and administration of the infrastructure, means that if you are developing complex workloads, you have a lot of resources to get started with. The Lightsail APIs are easily accessible from the AWS command line interface. Apart from the CLI, Amazon has also made available software development kits. These SDK are available for a number of programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, and Go.

Beyond that, the dedicated Knowledge Center that Amazon has put up is also a good resource to find more information on the common issues you may encounter with Lightsail.

The Docs side of the Amazon Lightsail website is as welcome as it is informative.

So is this Documentation section on the Lightsail website, the Frequently Asked Question section, as well as the information Bitnami provides for Amazon Lightsail users, listing a number of frequently asked questions users may have for deploying apps from this source.

Where DigitalOcean trumps Amazon Lightsail is in offering a vast array of very useful tutorials. While these are designed for these users to set up and run many different workloads on that platform, they are still a good resource to scan when planning and designing your Lightsail setups — the operating systems are similar, the infrastructure not too dissimilar, and there is a significant amount of overlap of the underlying technologies at both VPS platforms.

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