Where to find Amazon ECS documentation?

ECS Documentation

Just like pretty much all of its services, Amazon maintains an actively updated ECS documentation that makes it easy for users new to containers to get started with the service.

And since the EC2 Container Service is also an important piece of the puzzle for other container and container management products and services like Docker and Kubernetes, there is no shortage of available help and documentation for it.

Let’s evaluate the Amazon ECS documentation situation, and where to turn for help when you want to wrap your head around the various terms and terminologies.

Where to find Amazon ECS documentation?

If you’re new to the whole concept of containerization, and how you can use containers on the AWS cloud, then the first point of reference should be the official Amazon ECS documentation that you can does a great job laying things out for you.

You get a fairly comprehensive Developer Guide, an API Reference, and the company has also included the handy ECS section of AWS CLI Reference. All these resources have been made available in multiple formats.

Ranging from HTML, PDF and Kindle, as is usually the case, so you can read up at your leisure, and always keep the documentation at hand.

A lot of details are provided in the Services section of the guide, and there are also valuable pointers on how to set things up with the Amazon ECS service, including this lengthy tutorial that goes over everything from signing up for AWS to connecting to your instances and installing the AWS CLI.

To get more information about Task Definitions, you can give this piece a read.

Amazon Web Services also maintains an excellent guide that goes over the basics of the Docker service, and how it can be used on its cloud platform for launching and managing containers and containerized workloads.

All of this is solid enough to get you started, and after familiarizing yourself with the concepts, you can always gather more valuable insights for the specific products and services that you are using on Amazon ECS. Many of them come with vibrant communities, meaning good help is never far away.

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