Where can I find AWS EC2 documentation?


The Amazon cloud can be a lot to grasp, as the company continues to roll out thousands of new features every year. Luckily, AWS EC2 documentation is neatly maintained, and is a good starting point for many.

Particularly, those with some experience of web and cloud technologies in general.

Let’s see where you can find AWS EC2 documentation.

Sources of AWS EC2 documentation

For anyone just starting off with AWS, the first recommendation is to read the Getting Stated with AWS guides. Not only are these terribly well written, they are also to the point, and cover a whole range of topics from hosting static websites to deploying fairly complex web applications, and analyzing Big Data, and what have to you.

You will know a lot more about the service if you spend some time here.

Next up, you should point your browser to the AWS documentation pages for the cloud platform as a whole, and EC2 in particular. The home is a good place to start, while the EC2 documentation page lets you know all there is about the service and its available features, as well as separate sections on Windows based instances, API reference, as well as Amazon Web Services CLI.

Amazon actually offers many of these guides in multiple formats — ranging from HTML, PDF, and even one optimized for Kindle so you can read them at your convenience on your device of choice.

Additional resources

Although not mandatory, the AWS case studies page is yet another important place if you seek information about the service, and how it actually works. This is where you can read about how and what customers are using AWS for, and it is possible to filter case studies based on their use cases.

Read up on the case studies here.

You will also get more insights into EC2 and other Amazon cloud services by taking a look at the pricing for each of the service. You can check the latest pricing details by following this link.

Ultimately, gaining knowledge about the Amazon cloud, and AWS EC2, is a journey, not a destination.

Things continue to change, as new technologies arrive, and old ones are updated with new bells and whistles. AWS is a rapidly expanding and highly innovative public cloud, after all, and keeping tabs with everything that is on offer demands dedication and an eye on where the industry is heading overall.

Amazon does a good enough job maintaining documentation, but the only way to do absorb everything EC2 offers is by doing the deed.

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